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Writing is one thing;  it’ll keep you out of mischief and occupied for weeks, months, even years. But writing fiction that people love to read, now that’s a real test.  Not only of staying power and commitment, but of you, as the generator of words and ideas.  Where do you start?  How do you make all those ideas in your head live and speak on paper, or screen?

In this blog, I will explore the alchemy of writing, the essential marriage of mind and heart which I think is essential for creating work that speaks to others.   A good book is not just a beginning, middle and an end, though that helps!   A great book is not just a compelling tale or a few good characters.  It isn’t about being able to spell or punctuate (though that helps too). It’s all those things, and other notoriously hard-to-define elements.  

I’m also going to blog about some of my passions as a writer and reader.  I won’t drivel on about myself – I mean, honestly, even I don’t want to hear about what I get up to some days.    One of the things I most like to do as a writer is look behind the obvious.  I like turning rocks, scanning between the lines and understanding the subtle intentions of the writer.  I hope you enjoy my blog and send me  your observations.

Who am I?  I’m a writer and painter, living in an old Tudor farmhouse in one of the quietest parts of East Anglia, England, with my husband and animals.  I’ve always gravitated to the countryside, though I lived in London for ten years and in suburban Surrey for fifteen years after that.  I love the landscape of this eastern side of England, the endless views, the painters’ skies, church spires poking through oak trees, the ancient houses that survived the last few centuries because nobody bothered to knock them down.   The landscape feeds me and I always think of walking as writing by other means.  It’s the quiet time when ideas evolve and clarity dawns.   I write two kinds of novel – full-blooded, romantic historicals and edgy, modern crime.  Whichever type I’m engaged on, I’m determined to create strong characters readers can follow into the depths of the story, and compelling plots that get you hooked!   Read more at


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